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Violet Witch Longline Sports Bra

Violet Witch Longline Sports Bra


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Step into a realm of enchantment with the Violet Witch Longline Sports Bra – a magical fusion of style, support, and ethereal comfort. As you embark on your fitness journey, let this sports bra be your mystical companion, offering unparalleled strength and allure.

Woven from a spellbinding blend of 78% polyester and 22% spandex compression fabric, this sports bra transcends the ordinary, providing unwavering support during your most mystical workouts. The fabric, with a weight of 8.25 oz/yd² (280 g/m²), dances gracefully around you, ensuring opacity without compromising on breathability.

The sports mesh lining, a magical blend of 92% polyester and 8% spandex, adds an ethereal layer of comfort, allowing you to move with an otherworldly freedom. With a weight of 4.42 oz/yd² (150 g/m²), it whispers promises of both durability and feather-light gentleness against your skin.

Witness the magic unfold as you embrace the non-see-through allure of this sports bra, letting you focus entirely on your fitness odyssey. The double-layered front, longline silhouette, and enchanted shoulder straps offer not just support, but a bewitching style that effortlessly transitions from the sacred gym space to the enchanted streets.

Openings for removable padding add an extra layer of customization, allowing you to tailor the support to your magical desires. The Violet Witch Longline Sports Bra is not just an athletic essential; it’s a conduit to a magical realm where every movement feels enchanted, and every workout is a journey into the extraordinary. Let the magic begin!

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